Wi-GIM workshop in Barcellona

The workshop in Barcelona is approaching. The workshop program has been made public on the web page of the ICGC where you can also register to the event.

Please register asap.

La settimana del Pianeta Terra

Wi-GIM is present to the "4° Edizione de: La settimana del Pianeta Terra". Thanks to Giovanni Bertolini and Emanuele Intieri.



BRIGTH 2016 - La notte della Ricerca in Toscana (Italian Only)

Come ogni anno, Wi-GIM partecipa alla Notte della Ricerca in Toscana.

Il 30 Settembre 2016, Wi-GIM è presente a Prato.

Wi-GIM Dissemination workshop in Italy

Wi-GIM dissemination workshop in Italy is approaching.
It takes place at Ciano d'Enza (Reggio Emilia, Italy) on 30 September this month.
The morning will be dedicated to present the Wi-GIM system and to discuss the problems in managing landslide events. During the afternoon, the participants will visit the Roncovetro Landslide and the Wi-GIM sensors installed on site.