Wi-GIM at University of florence

Wi-GIM system has been presented at the Open Day of Scuola di Scienze Matematiche, Fisiche e Naturali, University of florence

Information Panel in Sallent

The Wi-GIM information panel in Sallent has been updated.

Wi-GIM workshop at ICGC, Barcellona

The Wi-GIM workshop in Barcelona had a great success. More than 100 people attended the seminar and were introduced to the Wi-GIM system and to the data it has been collecting in Sallent and Roncovetro. Thanks to Jordi, Xavier and all the ICGC for this wonderful day.

Ciano d'Enza - Wi-GIM dissemination Workshop

30 September 2016

Wi-GIM dissemination workshop has been a success. Thanks to the Mayor of Ciano d'Enza for its hospitality and to Giovanni Bertolini and Marco Pizziolo for managing the meeting. Of course thanks also to Lorenzo Mucchi, Giovanni Gigli, Jordi Marturia and Alessandro Fornaciai for their contribution.

 See other photos of the event here